Divisons & Services

Our projects are ensured success through accurate conceptual estimating, value engineering, expert project management, proficient supervision, budgetary discipline and on-schedule delivery of project commitments.

We provide great, on time services to our valuable customers.

overhead/underground utility work
high and low voltage
prime and standby power systems
temporary trailers
communication, fire, audio and video systems
street and landscape electrical
24-hour emergency service

We design, install and maintain the most flexible and comprehensive high and low voltage systems in the industry.

overhead/underground utility work
temporary trailers
communications/low voltage work
street and landscape electrical
24-hour emergency service

As the largest residential electrical contractor in the Midwest, Inland Electric is the firm of choice for five of the six largest residential developers in Northern Illinois/Chicago.

system upgrades
retrofits and repair services
prime and standby power systems
preventive maintenance and testing
24-hour emergency service

Our preventive maintenance programs will help you to optimize the performance of your equipment and prevent power usage problems from affecting your operations.

voice and data cabling
fiber-optic riser backbone
DC power wiring
Internet and network systems
automation systems

We can create custom solutions to meet even the most challenging installations for corporate, retail, residential and institutional customers.

Wiring diagram/schematics
Timeline and build-out lists
Project management

Our internal team of support personnel includes highly trained, experienced engineers who have intimate knowledge of electrical, structural and municipal requirements.

So whether it’s a vertical residential project, commercial development, maintenance project, fire or voice/data/video installation, Inland Electric has the resources, experience and capabilities for any type and size of job.

With over 500 trained contractors in the field, Inland has the largest service fleet in the Midwest

Our Values

Creditable Integrity

We focus on building long-term relationships with our customers

Effective Team Work

Years of experience and growth has made us the clear leader in electrical contracting in the Chicago land and northern Illinois area.

Expert Advice

We offer 24 hour response to service, from low voltage security to phone to re-model of electrical.

Quality Assurance

We're able to provide reliable, high-quality installation at competitive prices (that are kept that way because of Inland's unique relationships with its suppliers).

What we do

We strive to maintain highest standards while exceeding client’s expectations at all levels. Please find our services.cross-platform integration. Collaboratively administrate empowered markets via plug-and-play networks.

We recognize our employees as our most valuable asset, we’ve created an environment that focuses on training, job advancement and job satisfaction. This formula has yielded low turnover and high employee retention and a level of corporate stability that contributes to customers knowing that they can depend on Inland Electric.

Experience, knowledge and skill can bring your electric project to life, but it’s our many certifications that will keep you sleeping well at night.

Our years of experience, proven safety record and exposure to the latest technologies allows us to provide a variety of service and products to each of our clients

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Solution for all Industrial Business

Our involvement during the early stages of the planning process allow costs to be wisely managed and scheduling issues to me minimized.

At Inland Electric, we’re proud of our record of employee safety. Ensuring safe workplace job sites and providing constant training to our workers helps to keep costs down and workers happy.



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