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Inland Electric 

About Us

What makes us different


We provide competitive pricing

Our operations are streamlined and cost-effective because of the large volume of work we contract. We can reduce costs dramatically on materials to offer competitive bids with no wasted expense.


Experienced project manager for each job

Foremen with 8 to 10 years of experience oversee and manage each job. As project managers, each has the authority to make on-the-spot decisions to insure that the job is finished to your satisfaction, on time and within budget.


Best possible equipment

We use only name brand, precision-tested, quality-controlled materials in the construction and maintenance of our projects.

Our Work Process



People with ideas & experience to develop a vision for the future



High-quality installation at competitive prices (that are kept that way because of Inland’s unique relationships with its suppliers)



From high-rise condominium developments to storefronts, Inland Electric is able to handle projects of all sizes.

Our Accomplishment

Project Finished
Project Manager

Our Mission

To maintain those long-term relationships with our customers, we run our business using a few simple ideas:

Your questions and concerns deserve top priority treatment. The general manager and foreman are at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As a contractor, all work and materials are guaranteed for a full five years.

After nearly 25 years in operation, we have a long list of satisfied affiliates and customers. You can be sure that we’ll be here to meet your needs — today as well as tomorrow.

Safety is one of the highest priorities within Industro. It is imperative that everyone follows the policies and guidelines to ensure their own safety and the safety of others around them.

Our team of licensed and bonded electricians meet rigorous industry standards. No matter how large the job, we have the manpower to get it done right.

We’re renowned for our continuous employee education and training. Employees gain exposure and experience with state-of-the-art equipment and tools that help to reduce on-job accident claims.

Inland Electric utilizes the latest advances in technology to ensure quality workmanship, performance and safety on all of our projects.


from our president

Inland Electirc

Our mission is to establish and build a long-term partnering relationship with our customers, suppliers and employees. Our future plans will allow us to make further inroads in the commercial market throughout the country and to supply high- and low-voltage installations to corporations, businesses, retail and institutional customers.
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CEO of Inland

At Inland Electric, we’re proud of our record of employee safety. Ensuring safe workplace job sites and providing constant training to our workers helps to keep costs down and workers happy.



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